Anesthesia Billing & Coding Services

We understand the nuances of the anesthesia revenue cycle.
Anesthesiologist medical deals with the total perioperative care of patients before, during, and after surgery.

Revenue Cycle Management

Anesthesia Billing Modifiers

BIN AUF Global handles all aspects of the anesthesiologist medical billing process: point of service charge capture, data entry, ICD-10 and CPT coding, charge batch reconciliation, documentation errors and omissions resolution, concurrency calculation and conflict resolution, claims submission, payment posting, underpaid claims monitoring, resolution, and reporting, denial management monitoring, resolution and reporting, and accounts receivable management.
We continue to refine our business processes as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. We tirelessly dedicate resources to ensure that our clients’ charges are billed accurately and that we achieve maximum reimbursement.

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developing Medical Billing processes and procedures

Anesthesia Billing & Coding Services

By obtaining authorization and validating the patient’s eligibility and benefits before the surgery. We are also aware of the services that can or cannot be bundled together with the anesthesiology service offered. In case of the absence of a valid medical reason for the necessity of a drug administered, we follow-up with the physician, clarify the medical necessity for the procedure, and state it clearly to claim rejection
Medical Billing Services