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Improper medical billing is often the root cause why urology practices are not getting their medical reimbursements on-time. Urology’s offices can rely on medical billing outsourcing to meet their reimbursement needs. It is important that the urology’s medical billing company you partner with has the experience necessary to handle the complexities presented by urology billing codes and modifiers.
An experienced UB company based in the U.S. BIN AUF Global is dedicated to providing value-added services that ensure maximum reimbursement and minimum denials. Our EHR-integrated medical billing and coding solutions are ideal for medical facilities, physicians’ offices, clinics, healthcare providers, multi-specialty health centers and other providers.

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developing Dental Medical Billing processes and procedures

Urology Billing Services to Improve
Your Revenue Cycle

Our medical billing services for urologists include:
Insurance Eligibility

Verifying patient’s Insurance

Patient Demographic

Patient’s name, address insurance details

Payment Entry

Referring/ordering physician, Diagnostic and procedural codes and authorization and co-pay details

Claims Submission

Submitting audited medical claims and following up to insurance companies

Cash Posting
& Reconciliation

Applies the payment into the billing software.

Accounts Receivable

Re-billing, rejections/denials analysis, and related works.