Medical Billing for Colorectal Surgery Needs Expertise

Preferred Health Resources is aware most recent Medicare regulations and changing policies as they relate to orthopedic billing, including frequency limits and qualifying ICD-10 codes. Colorectal surgery involve intricate procedures and complex coding requirements.

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PHR Knows Surgical Modifiers

PHR understand about the correct use of modifier codes can also mean the difference between getting paid for colorectal surgery or not. Medicare and many other carriers will not pay on surgery if it takes place within 90 days of a previous operation, claiming its part of the Global fee. The use of the 78 modifier (related) or the 79 modifier (unrelated) will clear the way for payment on follow-up surgery.

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developing Medical Billing processes and procedures

PHR Deals with Bundling

PHR has knowledge unique to medical billing operation problems. For instance, an essential problem for surgeons is bundling. Frequently an insurance insurance company will maintain a process is contained within a worldwide fee. PHR doesn’t take this at face value. We assess the coding versus the Medicare guidelines and notify the insurance company and continue to bill for every single process individually.

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