Revenue Cycle Management Services

BIN AUF Global Medical Billing Services is here to help you save maximum revenue and get reimbursements
for all the rendered services. Our end to end Revenue Cycle Management services consist of the following:

Revenue Cycle Management

Traditional & Latest Coding

We live in a dynamic world. The healthcare industry is evolving too. The regulations change every year, and providers need to stay updated with the current coding guidelines to stay on top of their game.
Ideally, medical coding should be a top priority for healthcare organizations irrespective of size and specialty. However, medical coding services sometimes take a back seat putting the spotlight on other responsibilities. Healthcare providers can outsource medical billing and coding services to a reliable and trusted partner like us.

We are Always Ready to Assist Our Clients

developing RCM processes and procedures

Payment Posting

The payments received through ERA/EOB are posted on the system within 24 – 48 hours and reports are reconciled on a daily basis. Denials are captured and moved to the denial analysis team.

Service highlights:

  • Two levels of quality audit to ensure the process is at par with international standards.
  • Trained staff that understands patient responsibility too, such as secondary balance, etc.
Medical Billing Services
Medical Billing Services

Denial Analysis & Resolutions

Claim denials are analyzed carefully and the root cause is defined for each problem. It is then escalated to the concerned teams to make sure the denials are fixed and ensure they don’t recur in the future. Denial analysis is shared with the client once a week.

Service highlights:

  • Deal with denials within 72 hours of receipt.
  • Detect the trend and track the percentage of denials daily.
  • Meticulous system to avoid disruption in revenue inflow.