Make your future clearer with business intelligence
& our easiest reporting suite, ever

See the big picture – and see it your way. BIN AUF Global is the medical billing reporting solution
that helps you make data-driven, strategic decisions that improve performance & grow your practice.
Financial Dashboard

View at-a-glance updates of your financial health with the Advanced dashboard.

Export Reports

You can visualize any report in a number of charts & graphs that can be exported to PDF & Excel.

Simply Powerful

In seconds, get the right data & understand that data through elegant & meaningful reports & dashboards.

Why does BIN AUF Global get rave reviews?

It’s the simple, straightforward way to understand & improve your financial health.
Business Intelligence Reporting

Reporting to identify trends & opportunities.

BIN AUF Global evaluate your practice’s financial trends, identify areas of improvement & pinpoint opportunities for revenue growth. This medical billing software reporting system provides a window into your practice so you can see clearer & execute with confidence. When you rely on data, you know you’re making the right choice.

We are Always Ready to Assist Our Clients

developing Business Intellengence Reporting processes and procedures

Track all your key performance indicators with ease.

BIN AUF includes a dynamic dashboard, cross-browser capabilities and enhanced data visualization capabilities. A powerful reporting engine provides enhanced business intelligence from easy-to-use reporting tools that let users analyze all aspects of their practice.
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