Oncology is a complex and long-drawn process with comprehensive treatment plans to prevent and cure cancer. As a result, the Oncology Billing process requires detailed medical treatment documentation and timely follow-up with insurance companies to get paid. Accurate medical coding and billing at the end of each treatment phase ensure that the Oncology practice receives adequate reimbursements.

In addition to its procedural complexity, Oncology billing faces frequent changes in codes and compliance policies. Often, payers are unaware of the latest technology leading to a significant reduction in reimbursements received by the practice due to inadequate understanding of the procedure and lack of reimbursement standards. Oncology is also a multidisciplinary field requiring surgeries performed by specialists from other medical disciplines. And post-operative trauma and mental health specialists to help patients recover in health and mind. These complexities require coders and billers who need to ensure excellent accuracy while billing & coding.

Our team of coders and billers possess unique expertise and acknowledge that no detail is trivial in Oncology billing. Outsourcing your oncology billing services will help you reap multiple patient care benefits and reduce the administrative backlog.

Medical Billing Wholesalers’ Expertise in Oncology

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Our team of medical coders and billers have over ten years of experience in oncology billing. We have a client base that extends over 50 states covering a wide range of hospitals, physician practices, and medical billing companies. Our coders are proficient in ICD-9/10, CPT, HCPCS coding based on CMS and AMA guidelines and are certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). 

Applying best practices for Oncology Billing

Our team of medical coders and billers understand that Oncology billing involves expensive treatments, new technology, extensive surgeries, chemotherapy, mental health interventions, and long drawn out treatment plans. They are capable of differentiating between “Bundled” procedures and additional procedures. Their knowledge helps them avoid the misuse of modifiers, thereby preventing claim denials. Since claim denials in oncology lead to huge revenue loss, our team outs in-place an efficient, denial-free revenue management system for your practice.

Our expertise in Oncology includes but is not limited to:

Our Value

We apply our extensive knowledge and experience in Oncology billing in building a dependable billing, coding, and reimbursement process. Medical Billing Wholesalers can reduce your staffing and administrative expenses, increase revenue, and ensure compliance with all standards with additional benefits.